We understand your benefits, with us "You're Not Alone"


CGBurlos Financial Group mission is to help you the "federal employee" understand how to maximize benefits in order to grow your wealth. Your Federal benefits plan is extensive and has a lot of moving parts. It’s these “moving parts” that make CGBurlos Financial Group in Columbia, South Carolina a helpful resource.

While every federal employee has the same benefits, there is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to how federal employees use their federal benefits plan. Each employee has different needs and this requires changes in how the benefits are utilized.

In many cases you, the federal employee may need the assistance of private firms that might be better suited to support your retirement goals. Parts of the federal benefit plan can change over your career and as you approach retirement it could make sense to re position some of these federal benefits for what could be more competitive products in the private sector. Again, one size does not fit all and the federal plans on the surface offer some flexibility for you the federal employee. We can help you structure your benefits package  to possibly maximize your wealth.

Here is where experience Matters 

CGBurlos Financial Group is a FedWize trained company and hosts briefings along with a well respected national educational firm Federal Benefits Advocates at your agency's location. Federal Benefits Advocates dives deep into your federal benefit plan, explains every nuance in your  federal benefits package and this knowledge helps you the federal employee make clear choices , we understand your benefits from top to bottom.

Our firm CGBurlos Financial can counsel you on what could be best for you and your family. Most federal employees appreciate the assistance we offer, that we make the retirement planning process much easier and allow them to have confidence their plan will work.

If we can be of service to your agency in any way, or give benefits briefings for the employees we will be happy to serve. Please fill out the form and we will be in touch as soon as we can. 


P.S. Nothing to be sold at briefings only timely information the federal employee can use.